Medicaid Planning and Application

Now is the time to start Medicaid planning. We can help you get your application in order. Please review the information below as it provides an overview of the Medicaid application process. Have questions? Please call us at 518-371-5977 or contact us now.

Our Work as Medicaid Lawyers in Clifton Park and the Surrounding Albany Area:

Preparation of a Medicaid application is a process which requires keen attention to detail.  When a client’s Medicare benefits are depleted, it is often in the best interests of the client to seek to qualify for Medicaid benefits.  Our law firm handles all aspects of a Medicaid application while protecting a client’s assets to the greatest extent possible.  In preparing an application, we review a client’s assets, gather the extensive documentation required to support an application, document all money transfers to satisfy Medicaid’s requirements, and evaluate the effect of any transfer or gift which may delay a client’s receipt of Medicaid benefits for a period of time (the “penalty period”).  If necessary, we will determine the appropriateness of a trust or other estate planning tools to protect a client’s assets for the client’s heirs.  Finally, we provide representation before the Department of Social Services.

It would be our honor to serve you if you require the assistance of a Medicaid attorney in the Capital District. Submitting a Medicaid application is a complex process requiring significant documentation and a series of steps. Our firm offers you an in-depth understanding of the subject and we can put together a thorough and complete application for you. Please call us at 518-371-5977 or contact us now for a consultation.