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Statutory Gifts Rider: What it is and why you need one

As previously discussed in this blog, a Power of Attorney (POA) is a great start to your advance planning. But in some circumstances, it may not be enough to accomplish your goal of making sure the financial transactions that might be needed can be carried out if you become incapacitated. A Statutory Gifts Rider (SGR)  Read More »

Medicaid Planning: It’s Not Too Early

Medicaid can be a safety net for many elderly people who find themselves unable to afford the seemingly astronomical costs associated with long-term medical care. The Medicaid program, which is a joint federal and state program, exists to provide medical assistance to those with low incomes and limited assets. However, applying for and qualifying for  Read More »

Should you “Trust” in your Estate Plan?

By the time we enter adulthood, most of us know what a Last Will and Testament is.  Many even have an understanding of what a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy are, and why we ought to have them.  However, although we have heard the term “trust” used in the context of estate  Read More »

Answer Your “What If’s?” With Advance Directives

Planning for the unexpected is a difficult task.  If only we could see into the future to know just what we should be planning for!  We all know that death is a certainty, so it makes sense to have a Last Will and Testament.  It is much harder to envision the uncertainties, the “what if’s?”    Read More »

Is Having a Will Really That Important?

The majority of people we know wouldn’t let a stranger order dinner for them at a restaurant, let alone allow a stranger to decide either how they should spend their money or choose a babysitter for their children. We like to have the power to make decisions that affect our lives, our finances and our  Read More »